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March 28, 2019

Donald Trump, as you know, is routinely stigmatized as a "racist" when, in reality, he has done more to advance colored people than any previous president. Far-left haters are dumbfounded and nonplussed that so many Americans continue to support the "racist" Donald Trump.  

CNN explains and, aside from using the fake term "progressives" to reference left-wing haters, the article largely hits the nail on the head or, more accurately, ten nails. 

Here are highlights:

1. Voters appreciate that the economy is currently experiencing near record-low peacetime unemployment, record-low minority unemployment, and virtual 3% annualized GDP growth.

2. Trump does not exist in a vacuum. Many supporters turned off by some of his antics are still far more appalled by an emerging radical neo-socialist Democratic agenda.

3.Trump can be uncouth and crass. But he has shown an empathy for the hollowed-out interior, lacking from prior Republican and Democratic candidates.

4. Trump may come across as callous to some, but to others at least genuine.

5. Even when Trump has hit an impasse, his supporters mostly continue to believe that he at least keeps trying to meet his promises on taxes, the economy, energy, foreign policy, strict-constructionist judges, and the border.

6. Voters are angry over the sustained effort to remove or delegitimize a sitting president. Many of the controversies over Trump result from the inability of Hillary Clinton supporters to accept his shocking victory.

7. Progressives seemingly do not appreciate historical contexts.

8. Globalization enriched the two coasts, while America's interior was hollowed out.

9. For a thrice-married former raconteur, the Trump first family appears remarkably stable, and loyal.

10. Trump is a masterful impromptu speaker.


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