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March 18, 2019 -- A white man has sued a black woman after she allegedly called him a "racist." 

Former Cincinnati Assistant Police Chief David Bailey filed a defamation suit against City Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard.

“Just saw your tweet,” she texted another councilman last year. “Not trying to undermine your friendship, but Bailey is a racist and as been for some time.”

The 30-year police department veteran was forced to retire on be fired. 

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One of Cincinnati City Council’s self-proclaimed “Gang of Five” was hit with a defamation lawsuit Friday for calling an ex-top police official a “racist” in a text.

The former second-in-command at the Cincinnati Police Department, Assistant Chief David Bailey, sued Tamaya Dennard in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court, a copy of the suit shows.

She was sued individually and in her capacity as a member of Cincinnati City Council.

The suit was filed so fast, just one day after the text messages were released, because there is a one-year statute of limitation for defamation suits.

Dennard sent the text to Councilman Chris Seelbach a year ago Friday, according to a copy of council’s secret texts released Thursday as part of a lawsuit settlement.

“Just saw your tweet,” she texted Seelbach March 8, 2018. “Not trying to undermine your friendship, but Bailey is a racist and as been for some time.”



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  1. Frankly, he may be getting what many cops now deserve. Because the only thing worse for thousands of Americans victimized by black hate and race crimes is when some senior white cop shows up and declares: "race not a motive"


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