March 21, 2019

Tennessee Dem chairman calls state "racist" -- Some people see space aliens. Some see goblins hiding in closets. Some see racists. 

The chairman of Tennessee's Democrat Party appears to be the latter. She sees racists. Her delusion is so severe that Mary Mancini conceded the whole state is racist. 

The psychotic comment was made during a talk with Democrats in Coffee County. The psychosis is endemic to Marxist ideologues whose minds are infected with the cultural Marxist bacteria.

Marxism divides us into two groups: The oppressed (proletariat) and the oppressors (bourgeois). Marxism then pits the oppressed class against the oppressor class. In Western culture the oppressor bourgeois class is comprised of sane white people with white men as their primary targets. 

This class "struggle" scenario was made apparent in Mancini's comments when she urged Democrats to "put forward less conventional candidates, including black and Latinos, millennials and members of the LGBTQ community," according to Fox News.   

Marxism often refers to their imaginary oppressed proletariat groups as "disenfranchised."

It soon became apparent that Mancini disenfranchising a significant number of voter by labeling with the "racist" pejorative. She later apologized. 

From Fox News ▼

The chairwoman of the Tennessee Democratic Party apologized this week for calling the state racist during a discussion of local politics and while promoting less conventional candidates.

Mary Mancini made the comment while speaking with the Coffee County Democratic Party earlier this month about how the party should put forward less conventional candidates, including black and Latinos, millennials and members of the LGBTQ community.

"We have a little bit of a problem in this state, and I'm just going to say it outright," Mancini said. "This is a racist state."



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