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March 23, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- A study from the University of Uppsala in Sweden reveals that Muslims in the West are more likely to become radicals. 

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The reason? They perceive themselves to be disadvantaged. 

• The Islamic invasion of Western nations creates a dependent "oppressed" class due to their inability to compete with whites. Populations in Islamic nations tend to have IQs that average about 85 while white people have IQs of about 100. The net result is that whites outperform Muslims creating an illusion of oppression that cultural Marxism exploits as "inequity" to advance their agenda. (East Asians, who have an aggregate intelligence higher than whites, tend to outperform whites in Western nations as made evident by higher per-household incomes.)

From breitbart.com▼

Muslims born in the West are more prone to Islamic extremism due to a perceived sense of being “disadvantaged,” according to a study from the University of Uppsala in Sweden.

The study claims to have compared western-born Muslims with migrants, saying that those born in Europe or North America were much more likely to see themselves as primarily Muslims first and become angrier over perceived anti-Muslim injustice, a press release from the University of Uppsala states.

“The most important finding, however, was that Muslims born in the Western world admitted a greater willingness to use force to defend Muslims around the world,” researchers said.



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