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March 20, 2019 -- With no Confederate flags to rip down, the prime minister in New Zealand searched for a tactic to signal her virtue after fifty Muslims were fatally shot by a white guy on her turf, on her watch:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has decided that Friday,
March 20th, 2019 will be DRESS LIKE A MUSLIM DAY. 

Muslim Call to Prayer will be broadcasts and two minutes of silence will be observed. 

Attempting to silence leftist women for two solid minutes will be challenging. Getting them to wear hoods and robes (or just head coverings) will likely occur. It will be amusing to watch the entire nation's fake feminists cover their heads to signal submission to the Islamic patriarchy. 

To our knowledge there will be no virtue signaling to honor the 882 people of color murdered by Islamic hate groups in February, 2019. Nor will there be moments of silence and hymn-playing to honor the estimated 140 Nigerian Christians massacred by Muslims in recent weeks. 

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  1. PERFECT SURRENDER to the muslembrotherhood TERRORIST organization.


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