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March 25, 2019 -- Three persons were arrested after allegedly setting a dorm-room door on fire. The room is the residence of conservative activist Peyton Lofton. The incident occurred at Tulane University in Louisiana and was reported March 25, 2019. 

Arrested are Robert Money, 21, David Shelton, 20, and Naima Okami, 20. 

To my knowledge, the Ku Klux Klan has never bullied anyone by setting fire to their dorm-room door, an act that would endanger the lives of all who live in the dormatory. Nor have neo-Nazi groups. Nonetheless, the far-left mainstream media continues to distract our attention for leftist hate crimes by focusing our attention on groups that are largely dormant.

From ▼ Hanna Krueger

Tulane University police arrested two men and one woman late Saturday (March 23) after they allegedly set fire to a sign on a dorm room door. Conservative groups are calling the incident a politically motivated attack.

Robert Money, 21, David Shelton, 20, and Naima Okami, 20, each face one count of arson. The charge intentional damaging by any explosive substance or the setting fire to any property of another, without the consent of the owner. If the damage done amounts to five hundred dollars or more, the charge carries a fine up to $15,000 and imprisoned at hard labor for two to five years. Where the damage is less than five hundred dollars, the charge carries a fine up to $2,500 or imprisoned with or without hard labor for not more than five years, or both. Money and Shelton are Tulane students, and Okami attends Brown University, according to Tulane spokesman Mike Strecker.


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