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March 30, 2019 --Canada's Quebec province may soon pass legislation that prohibits government school teachers from wearing religious iconography. 

One teacher, a Muslim, threatened to the leave the province if the provision becomes law. 

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Chahira Battou said she would sooner leave Quebec than remove her hijab, a sign of her Muslim faith, only to live and work in a society where her rights are trampled.

"How can I work with another colleague who has more rights than me?" Battou asked.

That's the Montreal schoolteacher's response to the tabling Thursday of the Quebec government's controversial secularism bill.

Bill 21, which sets out to ensure the religious neutrality of the state, would prohibit any public worker in a position of authority, including new public school teachers, from wearing religious symbols such as hijabs.

Under the bill's provisions, teachers who wear religious symbols and are already working in the public school system would be exempted from the ban — but only as long as they keep the same job in the same school board.


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  1. She shouldn't let the door hit her in the _ _ _ on her way out and I sure hope she don't move South because we don't need or want her here. I hope she moves where her HIJAB is welcome but it is not in America.


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