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March 15, 2019


DAILYKENN.com -- To view the 16-minute video, click here ► 

Click on the above video to view still images.

Was the shooting staged? A hoax? No. It was very real, IMHO. See Kenn's Law #3 here https://dailykenn.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_1.html

So where is the cover up? 

There is a world-wide effort to purge the video of the attack from the Internet. However, it will never go away. Too many have used video capture software to record the video. It is alarming. If any information can be purged from the Internet, all information can be purged. What law prohibits the posting of the shooting video? Which nations forbid the video's posting? Is there International law that forbids it? If so, who made the decision? What is the criteria used? What information will be purged next? For future reference consider downloading OBS. It is a free open-source program that includes video capture.

Click here ► to read the New Zealand shooter's manifesto: "The Great Replacement"

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