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March 14, 2019 -- What would you do if a group of thugs broke into your home, robbed, and brutally beat you? What would you do if you were an elderly couple? What would you do if you lived on a South African farm?

• To leftist moonbats who whine about white privilege, cultural appropriation, and micro-aggressions: Cry me a river. When the Dutch arrived in what is now South Africe (1653), there was a sparse population of brown bushmen, but no black Bantu. After thousands of generations of living in paleolithic-era conditions, the bushmen were introduced to Western innovations. The Dutch and later the English developed the region into a technological wonderland that attracted hordes of blacks from the north. In time the black population overwhelmed the innovative white people who introduced them to Western technology, government, and social infrastructure. Blacks overwhelmed the white population are currently dismantling their advances, regressing to the norm of black African ancestry.

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British mail - British - this morning early, Thursday, 14 March 2019 is brother Pienaar (88) and his girlfriend, Jessie Lewis (57) on a farm in barnardsvlei, in the mooinooi area, wreedaardig By Three Attackers who have access to the house, attacked with a hammer. It seems that they also tried to strangled for pienaar with a scarf.

Klaarblyklik was the thieves already last night earlier on the farm and a radio-roepgroep introduced investigation, but couldn't get anything in that stage. It seems that pienaar's dogs are poisoned later.

After the attack is pienaar and Lewis to the British distrikshospitaal taken for treatment. According to raadslid Jan Smith of the vf plus have pienaar head -, poor and beenbeserings ailment and Lewis less serious kopbeserings.
After claims is a motorcycle,. 243-Weapon, solar panels, Walkie Radio and mobile phones and it could not be confirmed or some of the items are teruggevind. A Parent-model toyota hilux bakkie, which was supposedly used by the attackers, is also found on a nearby farm after the attackers fled too foot.

LT. Kol. Amanda Funani, woordvoerder of the saps northwest has well confirmed the incident and said the police examine causes of huisbraak and assault with the setting to hurt seriously. The Attackers are still on free foot.


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