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March 26, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- French President Emmanuel Macron is being criticized for lacking affective empathy after a 73-year-old woman was inured by police during a protest. 

Genevieve Legay suffered a crushed cranium as police rushed Yellow Vest protesters in Nice, France on March 23, 2019 according to reports. 

Macron reportedly responded to news of the woman's injuries by saying, "I hope she learned her lesson."

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French President Emmanuel Macron is criticized for lacking empathy . This after expressing the hope that the 73-year-old Yellow West protester and grandmother Genevieve Legay "learned a lesson" after she fell to the ground of riot police and crushed the skull.

Social news has previously written about the incident that occurred in Nice this weekend in connection with the police rushing against the protesters. Macron was in the area for a meeting with the visiting Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and then sent via local media a greeting to Genevieve Legay that he hoped she would soon recover but also that she might have learned a lesson.

The statement has sparked criticism, among others from relatives of Genevieve Legay who believe that the police used violence against peaceful protesters and who also made a notification of the incident. The family lawyer says in a statement that the president does not speak in the insensitive way about an elderly woman who is injured in a hospital bed.

Macron also said to the Nice-based newspaper that he does not think that frail older people should be demonstrating in places where there is a risk of being pushed and that Legay should not have put himself in that situation, something that Macron said thinks she has to blame herself.

Criticism has also come from elsewhere, where it is said that Macron rather has something to learn from Legay than that she needs some pointers from him.

Previously criticized
Macron has on several occasions been criticized for a number of arrogant and condescending comments against participants in the Yellow West demonstrations, French people who under the government's rule have difficulty getting the economy to go together.

An unemployed gardener who complained not to get a job even though he filed hundreds of applications was dismissed by the French president with the comment that the man only needed to go across the street to get a job.

Macron has also urged poor pensioners who protested against their low pensions to "quit" and describe protesters against his labor market policy as "day laborers".


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