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afraid to speak out?

March 18, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- 286 people were shot in Chicago so far this year
(through March 18, 2019). Of those, 58 people died from their wounds. That's eight more victims than tally of the massacre in New Zealand. 

According to heyjackass.com, one person was shot in Chicago every 5 hours and 20 minutes. One person was murdered every 28 hours and four minutes. The rates are higher in the city's most violent neighborhoods. 

Nearly all the victims were black. When the race of the fatality victim was known, 73.8 percent were black. 19 percent were Hispanic. The remaining 7.3 percent were white or some other race. 
The Chicago carnage can be largely attributed to black gang violence. 

Nonetheless, Chicago's council voted in February to discard its gang database. The reasons? The registry includes too few whites. It portrays young black males as disproportionately violent when compared to whites. In short, the database was abandoned because it was deemed 'racist.'

That raises a question: What takes precedence? Black lives? Or political correctness?

The answer is: Political correctness. 

Leftists are obsessed with race. They talk about is incessantly. But only when the topic leverages their cultural Marxism paradigm. When conversations about race disprove their cult-like race dogmas (called "critical race theory" the add an air of legitimacy), those conversations are abandoned. They are, themselves, considered 'racist.'  

In this case, as in many other cases, accusations of racism are synonymous with expressions of documented reality. 

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  1. With all the fabricated reporting produced by America's major media outlets you'd think [even if by accident] they could produce something truly of benefit. Imagine an extensive examination of the American No-Go zones? An examination of this nature would be overwhelming. Of course the media would be a primary element in reassuring the millions of us at mortal risk in these parts of America that no such off limits sections could ever exist. Irrespective media personnel themselves are the ones targeted, robbed or terrorized. It's clear that media has no concern for their fellow Americans, but it IS thought they hold some affection for the millions of innocent immigrants who may stumble into such areas. And over the course of a lifetime, impossible to completely avoid. But Americas huge network of perilous no-go zones is a main reason why endless mass immigration is deemed vital to the US economy. Who else would be SO foolish to operate the thousands of crack pipe superstores and all night Liquor drive-thru's specific to urban black America? In a massive American no-go zone network where simple incidents as a bus transfer or vehicle breakdown means millions of us, pay dearly! And for the known American "outsiders" it has been a dreadful and merciless price to pay.


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