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March 29, 2019 --3,700 aliens were taken into custody by border patrol officials in one day. It's been nearly ten years since that many aliens were arrested for illegally entering the nation in a single day. 

Countless thousands more may have illegally crossed the border without getting caught. 

America's booming economy under the leadership of Donald Trump may be luring aliens to cross the border illegally. They also may be driven by fear that the window of opportunity may be closed if Trump manages to fund an effective border barrier. 

From ▼  Mark Davenport

U.S. Border Patrol agents made more than 3,700 apprehensions Monday - the single largest total of arrests they’ve made over the course of a day in the past 10 years, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

    #BorderPatrol recorded more than 3,700 apprehensions along the Southwest Border yesterday—the largest single day total in more than a decade.
    — CBP (@CBP) March 27, 2019

The official White House twitter account followed the news up with a comparison of the arrests Monday with the similar data in 2000.

“Most [Customs and Border Patrol] apprehensions were of single male adults. 95% were sent back within hours,” claimed the White House, sourcing data from 2000. “Today, apprehensions largely consist of families and minors, who end up remaining in the U.S. for a long time because of loopholes in our immigration laws.”

    COO Sanders: We currently have 12,000 people in custody at Border Patrol stations and Ports of Entry. Of those 12,000 people, roughly 7,000 are family units and 1,300 are unaccompanied children.
    — CBP (@CBP) March 26, 2019

Speaking at the Border Security Expo in San Antonio earlier this week, Chief Operating Officer John Sanders said “we are experiencing a humanitarian crisis along the southern border. It is overwhelming, I don’t know another way to describe it.”

Sanders revealed the Border Patrol currently has 12,000 people in custody at stations and Ports of Entry along the border.

“Of those 12,000 people, roughly 7,000 are family units and 1,300 are unaccompanied children,” said Sanders.


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