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March 19, 2019 -- To many Joe Jurevicius is a football legend. To others he is a target for a home invasion. 

Reports say Jurervicius was in his backyard when approached by a gun-toting black male. The intruder demanded his bulky victim turn over cash and electronics, then forced him victim to lie face down on the ground at gunpoint. 

Two days earlier the same black male reportedly accosted a 70-year-old woman in a nearby home. The accused is identified as 24-year-old Robert Howse. He was found guilty and sentenced to 45 years in prison on charges including aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery.

The crimes occurred in September, 2018 in the small town of Gates Mills, Ohio near Cleveland. Even though the town is 93 percent white and 1.3 percent black, it is not exempt from black crime. Howse was sentenced in March, 2019.

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Former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Joe Jurevicius described how a man terrorized him at his Gates Mills home at the sentencing hearing on Thursday.

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Nancy McDonnell sentenced Robert Howse, 24, to 45 years in prison on charges including aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery.

On Sept. 13, a woman walked into the bedroom of her house in Gates Mills to find a man standing there. Prosecutors said Howse pointed a gun at her, but she ran, locked herself in a bathroom and called 911.

The following day, the Jurevicius family had just finished dinner when Joe Jurevicius noticed a light on in the barn behind his home and went outside to check. That's where Howse forced him to open a safe while he held a gun to the back of his head, according to prosecutors. Jurevicius said the man repeatedly threatened to shoot him.

"For 30 minutes, I was terrorized," Jurevicius told the judge. "I thank God every day that it was me, and not my wife and two young kids, who walked into that barn."

Prosecutors said Howse put on Jurevicius' Super Bowl gloves so he wouldn't leave fingerprints. He stole a gun, alcohol and camera equipment while demanding cash. The former wide receiver even offered his Super Bowl ring.

"Robert Howse wore the damn gloves that I wore in the Super Bowl while my kid was fighting for his life," Jurevicius said. His son Michael died as an infant.

As they went towards the house to get money, Jurevicius seized the opportunity to protect his family. He bolted the door and got out a gun as his wife made a frantic 911 call.


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