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March 7, 2019 -- "Black girls made up 40 percent of the total arrests of girls at school despite only being 13 percent of the total population of girls," according to 

The source article also noted that students with mental disorders are also more frequently arrested than typical students. Is the author suggesting that black people are mentally ill? That appears to be the case. 

As black skin is nearly always accompanied by kinky hair, there are other biological attributes universally share by Negros. Those attributes include facial feature and morphological and skeletal traits. Blacks are more prone to certain physical ailments than non-blacks such as hypertension. 

It should be no surprise that biological brain traits are as different as skin color, skeletal characteristics, and morphological characteristics. Those biological brain traits affect behavior.  

White people also have forensic traits, including brain characteristics. Some suggest that biology can be attributed for the propensity of white people to develop structured and prosperous societies that lure non-whites by the millions. 

Cultural Marxism often disagrees, attributing the disparity in behavior between blacks and white to systemic racism. Oddly, however, other non-white ethnic groups, such as East Asians, actually have fewer incidents of arrests than whites. They also enjoy a higher income per household that white. 

Marxism's core dogma contradicts science. Marxism pretends that all humans are essentially identical twins. Consequently, wealth disparities can be attributed to contrived injustices such as systemic racism, white privilege, micro-aggressions, the patriarchy, etc. To make their case, cultural Marxism attempts to confuse gender identity while insisting that race is only skin deep when, in reality, men and women are different; both biologically and, consequently, behaviorally. Likewise, racial groups are different biologically and behaviorally. 

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Increasingly, school discipline doesn’t mean detention — it means jail time. That has a measurable impact on children, and particularly on disabled children and children of color.

Depending on the state, students with disabilities were between three and 10 times more likely to be arrested at school, and black students were between three and eight times more likely to be arrested than their peers. Black girls made up 40 percent of the total arrests of girls at school despite only being 13 percent of the total population of girls.

290,000 students were reported arrested in 2015-2016, despite large school districts often failing to report arrests altogether. And the racial bias in those arrests is one of many reasons policing has changed how black parents raise their children.

As Grit Post previously reported, 14 million students attend schools alongside police officers, but not mental health professionals. And those who do have mental health professionals often have far fewer than the recommended standard on one for every 250 students.

Of the million cases that are considered serious offenses students commit, only three percent involve a weapon. And “weapon” is defined loosely — it could be a gun, but it could also be a baby carrot, or a stapler.

“if a student has a temper tantrum or bad day, and the school has a police officer instead of a counselor, then, you know, it’s like having a hammer instead of a screwdriver to respond to a screw,” said Amir Whitaker, Staff Attorney for ACLU of Southern California. “I’ve represented students that have had bad days or temper tantrums where they’ve maybe thrown a stapler and have been charged with assault and battery.”

Data shows that mental health professionals are effective in promoting a safe school environment and school cops really aren’t. In fact, quite the opposite.


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