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March 14, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Authorities in Germany are lying by omission. They are hiding crimes committed by asylum seekers such as rape, robbery, and child abuse.

The reason for the deceit from authorities is avoid "stirring up prejudice."

The word "prejudice" means "pre-judge." Apparently authorities in Germany don't want citizens jumping to the conclusion that asylum-seeking thugs are asylum-seeking thugs simply because asylum seekers are disproportionately violent criminals. 

However, authorities don't mind stereotyping patriots as "far-right" or even "neo-Nazis" causing prejudice and stochastic violence against them. Imagine what Germany would be like if authorities cared as much about ethnic Germans as third-world invaders. 

From breitbart.com ▼

Authorities in a district of rural Germany covered up a long list list of asylum seeker crimes including rape, assault, and child sex abuse so as not to “stir up prejudice”, it has been alleged.

Internal police figures revealed 117 criminal offences took place at refugee housing in Boostedt, northern Germany, during the last three months, and that third world migrants housed in other accommodation in the municipality were listed as suspects in a further 23 crimes.

But officers neglected to announce the incidents after orders from the Interior Ministry instructed police that “active” notifications from the force’s press office on potential migrant involvement in crimes would be “irresponsible”, and likely to “stir up prejudice”, local media reports.



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  1. In the poisoned sewer of liberalism, burying "people of color" criminal behavior is paramount. And they scramble up new BS to do so everyday. Like reporting black flash mobs stripping a local 7-11 outlet as "overcrowding in a store". Or a wave of midtown purse-snatching attacks as "disagreement over property".


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