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March 9, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Think of this as a micro-hoax. Someone confused Gayle King with Robin Roberts. Both are black. That was an opportunity to cite racism as the underlying cause for the confusion. Think of it as a micro-aggression; or the expression of deeply held racism bias buried in the subconscious mind of the offender. 

The offender was Jesse Watters. The occasion was The Five talk show on Fox News. Dana Perino, a panelist postured at Watters' left elbow, took notice. 

King's response was to thank Perino. "And could you let the rest of your colleagues know that all black people do not look alike? Could you please just share that?’"

Sorry. I think they already are fully aware. Nonetheless, I suspect Perino took time to inform Juan Williams that black folks don't all look alike.  

What does all this have to do with race? Nothing. It's another fantasized micro-aggression.

Years ago I was complimented for my great singing. The person paying the compliment called me by the wrong name; by the name of a good friend who is a gifted gospel vocalist. I totally got it. My friend and I could easily pass for brothers. This thought never came to mind: "All white people do not look alike."

The truth is that white people are more diverse in appearance than most other ethnic groups. East Asians, blacks, Hispanics, et al, sport black hair, brown eyes, and similar facial features within their respective groups. I've never met an East Asian with naturally kinky hair. Nor have I met a West African with hair that wasn't kinky. 

Side note: Are blacks who do not sport kinky hair are guilty of cultural appropriation? See photo atop this post. 

What's wrong with noticing the reality that blacks tend to share common features? 

The take away is this: White racism is so rare in our culture that the far left must manufacture it where it doesn't exist. 

Notice, also, the conversation in which the two blackish women were confused was focused on a racist hoax attributed to Jussie Smollett. A racist hoax is an allegation of racism where no racism exist. We conclude, then, that a racist hoax also occurred when King implicitly accused Watters of racism after he confused two similar looking blackish women. It was an allegation of racism where no racism existed. 

From people.com ▼

“Oh my gosh,” King said. “I couldn’t believe this.”

“He mistook you,” Colbert said.

“Yes,” King said with a laugh. “For Robin Roberts.”

“So many people started sending this to me, because I normally don’t watch Fox News unless I’m just curious to see what’s going on, what other people are thinking,” she continued. “So I was sent this and Dana [Perino] stood up for me and said, ‘Uh, that wasn’t Robin Roberts, that was Gayle King.’ ”

King revealed that she emailed Perino, 46, and thanked her for correcting her colleague on-air.

“I emailed Dana, who I don’t know, and I said, ‘Hi, just wanted to thank you for letting your colleague know that Robin Roberts and I — it was a great compliment, but thank you for letting him know that we’re two different people. And could you let the rest of your colleagues know that all black people do not look alike? Could you please just share that?’ ” she said.


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