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March 29, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Alabama's Senate voted unanimously to abolish marriage licenses. If the measure is signed into law, future marriages will apparently be private contracts. 

Getting the government out of families at the very onset is a step in the right direction. The move is reportedly being driven by opposition to the state being forced to license homosexual marriages. 

From thenewamerican.com ▼

Alabama has a novel solution to protect itself and its officials from having to endorse homosexual “marriages:” Get the state out of marriage altogether. More than eight out of 10 voters in the conservative state decided to enshrine marriage in their state's Constitution. But despite the lack of federal authority over marriage and despite the 10th Amendment's specific reservation of powers, the U.S. Supreme Court lawlessly ruled that none of it mattered — all would be forced to accept the federally mandated perversion of marriage.

But now, Alabama lawmakers have a plan to protect religious liberty and freedom of conscience from the escalating LGBT onslaught. Last week, the Alabama Senate voted unanimously for SB69 to abolish marriage licenses. Predictably, the LGBT movement and its fervent supporters in the establishment press began hurling vitriolic and bigoted accusations of “homophobia” against the Christian people of Alabama. And even some supporters of real marriage have concerns about the measure. But proponents of the legislation say it may be the best solution in light of the circumstances.

Alabama has been at the center of the effort to resist the Supreme Court's lawless Obergefell “opinion” purporting to create a “right” to something known as a homosexual “marriage.” The chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court at the time pointed out, correctly, that the U.S. Supreme Court has no power over marriage, and so, the ruling is entirely illegitimate. And across the state, judges have refused to issue “marriage” licenses to homosexuals, noting that doing so would be a violation of the state's Constitution, God's law, and the will of the overwhelming majority of Alabamians.

Many judges in the state still refuse to participate in issuing marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Last year, for example, Alabama Probate Judge Nick Williams told the American Bar Association Journal that he had not issued a marriage license or performed a marriage ceremony in over three years. The legislation in question “gets us out of the position of having to participate in something we totally disagree with,” Williams was quoted as saying by the ABA Journal.


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