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February 19, 2019 -- Would you fall for a hate crime hoax? What about a white-guilt hoax?  

Hate crime hoaxes nearly always have one thing in common: They are intended to demonize white men.

Why do they do it? 

They do it to keep the lie alive. There is so little real white racism in America that, to make their case, the far left must pretend it exists. 

Why the Jussie Smollett affair is the most obvious, we must be mindful that white privilege and micro-aggressions are also hate-crime hoaxes or, more accurately, white-guilt hoaxes.  

• If you've been duped by the white privilege myth or been sensitized to micro-aggressions, you've fallen for the hoax. 

• Every time you hear a leftist moonbat refer to Donald Trump as a 'racist,' you are experiencing a white-guilt hoax. 

• The Roots narrative of slavery in America was a white guilt hoax or, more accurately, a guilt hoax. 

Meanwhile, real hate — such as black on white crime or the daily massacre of people of color by Islamic hate groups — is unabated and ignored by the far-left mainstream media. 

From ▼Andy Ngo

Now many are asking, “Why would Jussie do this?” To me it’s all but clear.

Jussie Smollett’s hoax is symptomatic of America’s illness. Because of the mainstreaming of academia’s victimhood culture, we are now in a place where we place more value on being a victim than on being heroic, charitable, or even kind. Victims or victim groups high on intersectionality points are supposed to be coveted, treated with child gloves, and believed unreservedly. Their “lived experience” gives them infinite wisdom. Those who urge caution are treated as bigots.

Outside of the rare prosecution for faking a hate crime, the incentives for being a victim — real or imagined — are endless.

Anyone not blinded by bias or panic should have been skeptical of Smollett’s story from the beginning. He openly harbors an intense hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters, going so far as comparing them to Klansmen. That his alleged attackers perfectly fit this description should have raised eyebrows across the political spectrum. The cartoony, screenplay-villain portrayal of white Trump supporters was outrageously comical. But to insulated urban progressives who have little to no experience interacting with conservatives, a Trump supporter may as well be synonymous with evil.

“Hate-crime hoaxes are found in collective conflicts,” Jason Manning tells me. Manning is a sociologist at West Virginia University and a co-author of the 2018 book The Rise of Victimhood Culture. “Perpetrators might not even think of them as [false] accusations since in many cases they see it as an attempt to draw attention to a real problem. To the extent that modern society increasingly valorizes victimhood, claiming victim status through outright lies will become more attractive.”

While I can only speculate as to Smollett’s motives, perhaps a clue can be found in his bioline on Twitter. Smollett writes: “I am simply here to help save the world.” 


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  1. This analogy is nearly perfect. And all should be advised there is really no indication these hate crime frames are likely to subside even one bit. Because right along with occurring more frequently, they also get more elaborately constructed and conspired all the time. With the evil malicious intent in these things simply frightening. Which is to hang and ruin any innocent white person that comes along.


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