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February 28, 2019 -- Julie Couvillon is dead. The 36-year-old white woman was fatally shot in New Orleans, Louisiana. Reports say Couvillon was killed after a black man was ejected from a restaurant. He allegedly grabbed a gun from a security guard and began shooting. 

The crime occurred at about 3:10 a.m. as Couvillon, a mother of  a young daughter and nurse by profession, was enjoying a rare night out. The suspect fired multiple rounds. One struck the security guard, another struck himself, and one killed Couvillon. 

The crime occurred outside Willie's chicken shack.

Arrested is Louis Barnes, 37. Witnesses identified him as a man with blue hair. reports that Barnes "is a quadruple offender with convictions for carnal knowledge of a juvenile, attempted firearm possession by a felon, unauthorized entry into an inhabited dwelling, illegal possession of stolen things and bail jumping – a conviction she said indicates he has a failure to appear."

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A 36-year-old nurse and mother was fatally shot on a rare night out on Bourbon Street in New Orleans when a man who was being ejected from a restaurant allegedly grabbed a security guard’s gun and started shooting, authorities say.

Julie Couvillon, 36, of Metairie, was pronounced dead after being rushed to a nearby hospital, the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office confirms to PEOPLE.

Couvillon, who leaves behind a young daughter, was killed when she was walking near Willie’s Chicken Shack on Bourbon Street after spending the day enjoying Carnival parades, the Advocate reports.

“It’s horrible,” Couvillon’s longtime friend, Angela Negoda, told local CBS affiliate 4WWL. “The situation should have never happened.”

Couvillon “had an infectious smile,” Andrew Negoda told the station. “Julie was the type of person where if you met her you were friends with her instantly. She was a good person.”



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