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February 9, 2019

Olive Oatman was tattooed by Indians while forced into slavery --Warner Wolf has been arrested. The 81-year-old sportscaster is accused of championing anti-racism by removing the word "plantation" from a sign. Apparently he associated the word with racism. 

The sign originally read, "Classics Plantation Estates." It is the name of a gated community in Florida. 

It appears that Wolf suffers the dire effects of cult-like thought reform. 

• Virtue signalling is a tell-tale sign of "brainwashing"

Far-left thought reformists want us to imagine that white racism is ubiquitous. They accomplish this through word association in which specific words and expressions trigger white guilt for racism that does not exist. Each time we hear or see specific words, our minds think "racism." Eventually, we see white racism as an omnipresent phenomenon.

The far left attempts to control our minds by creating psychotic-like obsession with fake offenses where there are no offenses. Like "plantation," other words have been rendered taboo by cultural Marxism due to their association with racism. 

A restaurant with a colonial theme became the focus of protests after leftists decried "colonialism" as an expression of racism. Again, thought reformists want us to imagine that white racism is ubiquitous. They accomplish this through word association in which specific words and expression trigger white guilt for racism that does not exist. 

It's akin to the bump in the night that triggers our minds to imagine a ghost is on the loose — or, more pragmatically, a burglar — where there is none.

The thought reform process encompasses more than words we hear. Visual triggers are also installed in our brains that compel us to think "racism" where there is no racism. These visual triggers include Confederate icons. Where once we dismissed the Confederate flag as a benign symbol of Southern heritage, the mind reformed by cultural Marxism sees racism. 

Black face is a visual trigger that, like Confederate symbolism, forces us to immediately think "racism." Not even Mary Poppins can escape the absurdity. Even the left-leaning admitted, "Dr. Daniel Pollack-Pelzner, a professor of English literature at Linfield College, wrote an opinion column published in January 2019, in which he described elements of the 1964 film 'Mary Poppins' as racist."

Apparently the appearance of black powder dabbed on the face of Julie Andrews was enough to trip the "racist" trigger. The powder was intended to be mimic soot on the face of Mary Poppins. But the mind reformed by though control will see racism. 

Thought reformists evoke the absurd notion of cultural appropriation to trip the "racist" trigger. We are conditioned to abhor specific hairstyles because we imagine they are expressions of deep-seated racism. We see spooks where no spooks exist.

These psychological triggers create a discomforting sense of guilt. We attempt to rid that discomfort by expressing our disdain for racism, even where it does not exist.    

Wolf appears to be attempting to scrub white guilt from his conscience. White guilt is an effect of thought reform in which the subject feels guilty for sins and offenses he/she did not commit. Guilt is an emotion exploited by cults to tether their followers to the group and group-think.

Social engineers use the media and education system to plant these triggers in our minds. We assume we are being entertained or educated when, in reality, our minds are being "chipped" with triggers. While these triggers evoke thoughts of guilt and self-abasement in whites, they evoke outright hatred for whites among non-whites.  

• So why the obsession with white slave holders, but no concern for non-white slave holders?  

Wolf and others may be unaware that many plantations in antebellum South were owned by blacks who enslaved blacks. Once such plantation was owned by William Ellison, the largest slave holder in South Carolina in 1860. 

Black slaves were also owned by Indians and other non-whites. For millennia Indians acquired slaves by raiding other Indian villages. When the white tribe migrated westward from Europe, Indians frequently raided their farms, brutally murdered adults, and enslaved the children. One such slave was a pioneer girl, Olive Oatman. She was enslaved and tattooed after Indians attacked her family. Oatman's seven-year-old sister was also captured, but allowed to starve to death. Oatman was sold to another tribe and ultimately was rescued by white men.

And why the obsession with slavery that occurred generations ago?

Slavery continues in virtually every Muslim nation in the Middle East with virtually no virtue signalling from leftist loons. When was the last time your heard of a person defacing the sign on a mosque due to Islam's association with slavery, terrorism, hate groups, or the abuse of women? 

It appears leftists reserve their moral indignation for whites and others who prefer to live in a world of reality, far removed from cultural Marxism's cult-like paradigm. 

The fact is: We live in a culture so void of white racism that anti-white activists must invent it; using slurs such as 'white privilege' and 'micro-aggression.' 

Why the obsession with fake white racism while ignoring the very real epidemic of black-on-white crime?

From Fox News ▼ Amy Lieu

Longtime sportscaster Warner Wolf was arrested this week in Florida for allegedly removing letters from a sign at his private gated community that spelled the word "plantation," officials said.

Wolf, 81, turned himself in Thursday for breaking off the letters of the word from the "Classics Plantation Estates" sign in East Naples on Nov. 30, officials said.

"He had his opinions about how it was a racist word and he didn’t feel that it should be in the name of (a) community, although plenty of communities throughout Florida use that name," property manager Ken Heff told the Naples Daily News.

The arrest report also said Wolf found the word offensive because of its historic context, according to Fort Myers' WINK-TV.



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