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February 18, 2019 -- An apparent fight between four Negro boys led to a lockdown at a Norfolk, Virginia mall last week.  A nearby college campus was also on lockdown.

Arrested are 18-year-old Kevin Holloman, 21-year-old Dquan Z. Melvin, 22-year-old Dvegan M. Melvin and 18-year-old Shawn D. Mitchell, police say.

The fight occurred in Nordstrom at MacArthur Center. [source]

Ratchet behavior, including shoplifting and fighting, was a driving factor for Jim Crow laws that prohibited blacks from entering some stores in the South. Today, shopping centers are banning teens rather than blacks with the same outcome: Keeping rascality at bay and allowing whites to shop without fear of bing harassed, assaulted, or shot.

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Sitting just 15 feet away, Victoria Hritsko said she saw a group start fighting.

"I didn't really think anything of it. [I] just thought, 'Oh, we've got to call security," she said.

They said it was violent.

"One of the gentlemen picked up the trashcan lid and threw it at one of the other guys," said witness Seth Schaill.

Witnesses say one of the men fell down in the midst of the brawl, pulling up his pants after standing up.

Hritsko said she saw him reach into his pants and pull out a gun.

Several gunshots were then heard throughout the mall.

"As soon as I started turning, I heard him start shooting the gun, so we started running out, and then after we started running through Nordstrom," Schaill told us.

While some ran, others hid in stores.

"[We] just booked it to the back of the room. We were in the employee room in the back and the manager closed the front gate and we were just locked in the back," said Lacey Frazier.

It was a shocking experience for shoppers this Valentine's Day.

"[I'm] better now, but at the beginning it was rough. I was bawling my eyes out, like freaking out, shaking -  adrenaline was crazy. It was rough, for sure," Hritsko said.


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