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February 26, 2019 --13 percent of Britons are not white. 6.6 percent of police officers are not white. 

Sara Thornton, the chair of the National Police Chief’s Council, wants to "shock the system" by accelerating the diversification of Britain's police. 

Safety follows political correctness. 

From ▼ Reiss Smith

 For many black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) people, the police are the other. We make up 13 per cent of the UK population but just 6.6 per cent of officers.

Does it come as a surprise then, that black people are almost ten times as likely to be stopped and searched as our white friends? Or that even the Metropolitan Police – the most diverse force in the country – is four times as likely to use force against black people than it is against white people?

Sara Thornton, the chair of the National Police Chief’s Council, has warned that new laws are needed to “shock the system” and accelerate the diversification of our forces. At current rates, the make-up of the police won’t match that of society until 2052 at the earliest. And until the forces reflect our communities, how can they be expected to serve us properly?

Positive discrimination is needed to address this vitally urgent issue, Ms Thornton said. A message that wasn’t passed on to 25-year-old Matthew Furlong.

Mr Furlong applied to join Cheshire Police as a constable in 2017, where he hoped to follow in his father’s footsteps. He was told during his interview that he could not have done any more, but failed to win the role.

Last week, a judge ruled that he lost out on his dream job “simply because he was a white, heterosexual male”. The tribunal found that Cheshire Police, intent on diversifying its new intake, set an “artificially low” pass rate for applicants, awarding a simple pass or fail instead of making decisions based purely on academic merit.

It seems that the force thinks along the same lines as Ms Thornton – but doesn’t yet have the legal backing to deliver this much-needed change. The tribunal said that positive action must only be used to decide between candidates that are otherwise identically qualified.



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