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February 22, 2019 --Those of us who endured years of black ratchet behavior at black-majority high schools understand completely. 

This quote from the source report sums it all up: "Corinne Smith is the mother of one of the girls involved in the fights. Smith says she is not mad about her child fighting, but rather how the fight was stopped."

We have questions: Where are the girls' dads. 

Many black youth are special needs students who are denied affective attention due to cultural Marxist dogma imposed on government schools. This constitutes systemic racism as the cultural Marxist cult pretends these kids are products of (fake) white racism.

What to do? Segregate special needs blacks students and provide them with affective learning environments that include comprehensive understanding of how to manage students with inherent low impulse control and ratchet behavior. 

From ▼ Kristi O'Connor

Chesterfield County School administrators are making changes at Cheraw High School after two fights broke out during an extended lunch period Wednesday.

A school resource officer called in Cheraw Police and Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Deputies for back-up after the fights took place. Now, five students are facing charges and discipline from the school district.

According to the Sheriff’s Office incident report, the first fight began just before noon. Students were in “Tomahawk Time." According to the district, Tomahawk Time is a modified lunch period in which students can work on homework or get extra help from teachers.

Cellphone video shared online showed two girls fighting in a hallway with a large crowd of students around them. According to the incident report, the SRO yelled for the students to stop fighting, but due to the crowd pushing in, the SRO could not get in between the girls.

The officer deployed his taser, hitting one girl in the back. According to the report, he then gave the second girl a “drive stun” when she continued to hit the girl who had fallen to the ground.

Corinne Smith is the mother of one of the girls involved in the fights. Smith says she is not mad about her child fighting, but rather how the fight was stopped.

“It’s not even really about the fight, it’s about an officer tasing a 105 pound girl when all he had to do was break it up,” Smith said.


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