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February 3, 2019 -- A school gang of 15 to 20 black students only target white students, according to a victim. 

The unnamed white teen's mother say the savages routinely throw her son on the floor and stomp his head. 

This is why schools were segregated. It was not to deprive blacks of opportunities for education. Most do that themselves. It was not because whites have a phobia of or prejudice against dark people. School segregation was instituted to protect whites from black violence. 

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A student at Centennial High says a schoolhouse gang forced him to fight on camera, not once, or twice, but three times.

"The kid throws my son on the floor and is stomping him all in the head," said Sherry, the mother of one victim who did not want to be fully identified.

Sherry says the school suspended her 16-year-old son last week for a fight in the bathroom, but after looking into it she learned that the entire week he was being targeted by a gang of 15-20 black male students.

"His good friend told me they target white kids only because they fell that they're weak," Sherry said.

Her son who doesn’t want to be identified says, "They haven't fought anybody that's not white. They haven't fought any African Americans or Mexicans it's all been, white people."

Sherry's son says his problem with the group started after they attacked one of his friends.

"My friend got jumped by them, and they took his shoes," he said.

He shared his dismay over that attack on social media and the next day he says several teens from the group circled him in the locker room before gym class.

"They said we'll give you an option, you can step in the hallway and fight or we'll just jump you in the locker room," he explained.

The day after that, Sherry’s son says the same group made him fight again. The final video was recorded in the school bathroom. It shows him fighting yet another member of the group.

“I felt very angry, and helpless he got hurt and no one was there to help him," Sherry said.

We reached out to CCSD asking if they were aware of this group of alleged bullies and what they're doing to protect the student's from them, They sent us the following statement:

“School administration and school police are aware of the matter and appropriate action will be taken. CCSD investigates every reported case of bullying and takes appropriate action. We are unable to discuss individual student disciplinary matters due to privacy laws. However, in general, students can face administrative disciplinary action at school or be referred to law enforcement for possible criminal prosecution depending on the severity of the matter. Law enforcement has been involved and as they investigate the matter, we strongly encourage students and members of the community not to share footage of this incident or any other student fights. Showing this video serves no purpose other than to further ridicule and embarrass the victim and embolden bullies. Additionally, per state law, students can face discipline for knowingly and willfully transmitting or distributing video/images of bullying with the intent to encourage, further, or promote bullying. Any student who captures photos or video of an assault on-campus, off-campus, on a bus or during a school activity should immediately turn the footage over to a teacher, school administrator or police. We investigate and address all concerns of bullying.”

Sherry hopes telling her son’s story will give others the courage to come forward.

"I would like anyone that has been victimized by them to please come forward. Because if we don't get them they're going to continue on doing what they're doing and it's not right."

CCSD police say they've issued criminal citations to several of the students involved meaning those students will have to appear in juvenile court. The school district encourages any student dealing with bullying or if you witness bullying to always report it to a responsible adult.

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