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February 11, 2019 --Donald Trump is to blame for the persisting black face scandal besetting Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, according to Rep. Al Green. 

Apparently, Trump has created an atmosphere of hatred, bigotry, and racism that allows us to tolerate the scandal. Trump has also created an atmosphere in which blacks and Hispanics enjoy the lowest unemployment rate in the nation's history. 

So what do we take away from this? 

• We live in a culture that is so devoid of white racism that the far left must invent it. Black face is not a symptom of white racism but evidence that white racism is rare. Other symptoms are alleged micro-aggressions, white privilege, and cultural appropriation. All are inventions of the far-left to create an athomsphere of fear, hatred, and discord among Americans. 

• Who decided that black face is racist? Non-white routinely apply "white face" make up, hair styles, and wigs without being castigated as racists. 

From ▼ Jessica Chasmar

Rep. Al Green on Thursday pledged to force a House vote to impeach the president, citing the blackface scandals plaguing Virginia Democrats as “a symptom” of the president’s bigotry.

“When we allow bigotry to infect the body politic with impunity at the highest level, other levels will expect impunity for their bigotry,” the Texas Democrat tweeted Thursday morning. “Gov. Northam’s refusal to resign for his bigotry is a symptom. Failure to act on Pres. Trump’s bigotry is the problem. #ImpeachmentIsNotDead.”

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and state Attorney General Mark Herring, both Democrats, are facing calls to resign after they both admitted to wearing blackface decades ago. A photo also surfaced from Mr. Northam’s personal page out of his medical school yearbook that showed two men, one in blackface and the other in a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood.

Mr. Green, who has already forced two failed impeachment votes, said on the House floor Thursday that he planned on forcing a third vote against the president, asking fellow congress members to go “on record” and reject bigotry by starting “at the top.”

“You have in Virginia, a Klansman and blackface next to each other in a yearbook. It has been acknowledged as that of the governor,” Mr. Green said. “There is enough evidence not only to ask that the governor resign but to demand that he do so.


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