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February 8, 2019 -- Displaying the Confederate flag will be illegal — even on private property — if a proposed law passes the Georgia legislature. The bill also would ban Confederate monuments and other icons on public property. 

Both houses of Georgia's legislature are controlled by Republicans who will almost certainly reject the measure, as will the state's Republican governor. 

The legislation is a harbinger of things to come. As America  turns browner it turns bluer and more anti-white. In time the state will be dominated by anti-white Democrats and Confederate iconography will be outlawed. 

Cultural Marxism hate Confederate symbols because they argue against their narrative that the Confederacy was racist and should be hated. Monuments and flags, however, remind us that there was a time when Confederate ideals were embraced by Southerners.

Proponents of the law say it's needed because it legitimizes slavery and repression. Oddly, the far left embraces Islam and the migration of Muslims who not only represent repression, hate, and slavery; but actively practice them. In reality opposition to the Confederate symbols is opposition to the white race which Marxism views as the bourgeoisie class that must be toppled by the proletariat. 

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Georgia Democrats have proposed new legislation in the House that would outlaw any symbols, monuments, memorials or other dedications to the Confederacy on public property – including the monument at Stone Mountain.

Under HB 175, the only exception to the ban would be at museums, Civil War battlefields. At Stone Mountain, the proposal would remove reference to the preservation and protection of the memorial as a sign of the Confederacy -- making it possible to change or remove the memorial in the future.

Under the proposal, even flying a Confederate battle flag on private property could be outlawed. The bill would make it illegal to display any insignia of the Confederacy inside or outside a residence, store, place of business, public building or school.

In Paulding County, old forests and battlefields exemplify Georgia's deep ties to Civil War history. Brittany Phillips, a young mom taking her son for a walk in a city park along the Silver Comet Trail, said she wants the legislature to make the symbols of the past go away -- into the museums of her son's future.

"Because what they stood for was wrong, they stood for slavery," Phillips said.
"I hope [my son] doesn't see skin color and I hope he respects people's culture and also knows history and makes sure it doesn't get repeated, and respect people's rights, their human rights, their civil rights."



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