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February 8, 2019 -- Will Rotterdam name new streets after Nazis? Probably not. Nonetheless, a new provision has been adopted by Rotterdam officials determined to name new streets after "underrepresented groups." Nazis would fall into that category. 

Translated from Dutch, the headline reads, "White man disappears from street scene Rotterdam."

The intent is to discriminate against white males. 

The article explains, "In order to give substance to more cultural diversity, the policy rules stipulate that the attribution of names of women and other underrepresented groups from society should be preferred for personal names. Diversity is at the forefront", let responsible alderman Bert Wijbenga know in a letter to the city council [Google translation from Dutch].

Why are Western jurisdictions discriminating against white males? The end objective is to achieve absolute equality; the nirvana of Marxism. The problem: We are not equal and, therefore, the nirvana of Marxism is ultimately unachievable. 

That presents an ideal scenario for Marxist propagandists. It's akin to a perpetual fire that can never be extinguished. Marxism can perpetually point to inequality as a pretext for tinkering with social policy and advocating for increased authoritarian control of our lives.  

Cultural Marxism will now and forever point to a fire (inequality), declare its cause to be social injustice, and demand government implement authoritarian policies to extinguish it.

Granted, women and non-whites who contribute to society deserve acknowledgement. The fact that Nazis are not included in inclusive societies smacks of a disingenuous agenda if not outright hypocrisy.

For that reason we find inclusive and tolerant leftists excluding those who wear MAGA caps, display Confederate flags, and oppose open border immigration. 

I advocate merit-based inclusion. 

So, go ahead. Exclude white males. But stop pretending your exclusion is inclusion. Stop pretending your anti-patriotism is anti-racism. Admit the end objective is the destruction of Western culture.


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