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February 18, 2019 -- A  hockey team did a motivational Indian dance. A video recording of the dance found its way to social media. That prompted harsh criticism from social justice warriors and even a few death threats. 

The Junior Oil Barrons is a member team of a youth hockey league in Canada. League officials weighed in, careful to condemn the dance in politically correct terms. The team is based in Ft. Murray, Alberta, Canada. 

Team members were dancing to the song, “Electric Pow Wow Drum” by the group 'A Tribe Called Red .' 

Fox News' Louis Casiano reports, "Minor Hockey Association president Travis Galenzoski called the players 'display of ignorance' sad and 'gravely unfortunate, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.' Team parents said the players - some of them indigenous – were 'engaging in a motivational dance' that 'was not intended as a derogatory or racist act.'"

In case you missed it, some of the team members were "indigenous," a disingenuous term for "Indian."

Imagine that. Indians suffering the consequences of doing an Indian dance to Indian music performed by an Indian group -- all to satisfy the twisted dogma of the ubiquitous and specious bathos known as cultural Marxism.

Far left dogma also touts inclusivity and tolerance, providing you agree with its tenants.

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