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February 9, 2019 -- Four women have been brutally murdered in Austria since the beginning of 2019. The nation of 9-million was known as a safe space where violent crime was rare and homicides were almost unknown (0.66 per 1,000 inhabitants). 

Things have changed. The induction of non-natives to Austria has its consequences. 

Three of the four accused offenders in the homicides were so-called migrants. Migrants, or "invaders", comprise 15 percent of Austria's population. That is, 75 percent of the homicides were allegedly committed by criminals from a demographic group that comprises only 15 percent of the population. 

All of the homicide victims year-to-date have been women. There have been no male victims. Self-proclaimed feminists have not objected to the murder of women in Austria. Apparently due to the fact that the offenders are disproportionately not white. 

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 “It is striking that many foreigners and asylum seekers are found over proportionally among the suspects. That suggests that this group is particularly misogynistic and patriarchist oriented,” said social scientist Birgitt Haller of the Institute for Conflict Research in Vienna.

Police concur. They report that sometimes when called to a migrant home where the husband is physically abusing his wife: “Then he doesn’t understand at all why he is not allowed to hit his wife and why he has to leave the apartment.”

Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache of the ruling conservative Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), horrified by the killings, says the fact most of the criminals have a migrant background “is not permitted to be withheld.”

“That is why it would be completely false to speak of an increase in violence among Austrians,” Strache said.

Unfortunately for the people in the land of the edelweiss, and especially for women, it does not appear conditions are going to soon improve. In fact, Austrians can only expect them to get worse, as murder rate statistics indicate. There were 40 murders in Austria in 2015, 17 of them women (42.5%). This increased to 49 in 2016, 28 of them women (57.1%), and again to 62 in 2017, with 36 being women (58%).

Last year, there were 74 murders in Austria, including 44 (60%)  women, a new record. But the growing number of murders also matches the general upward trend in crime in the county. Knife attacks, for example, have gone up 300 per percent in the last ten years.

It is the number of female murder victims, however, that distinguishes Austria. In seven of the last ten years, more women have been murdered than men, in two years the numbers were even and only one saw more men killed than women. As well, there are only three countries in Europe where more women are killed: Iceland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.



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