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February 23, 2019 -- Published in 1890, the first white man to set foot in parts of the Congo region of dark Africa tells his story in this compelling book. 

The book is relatively short and surprisingly interesting. 

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Bypass the effects of thought reform by reading real-time history; that is, accounts that were written at the time and place where the events occurred and written from perspectives unpolluted by cultural Marxist bias. 

Five Years with the Congo Cannibals is one such work. It was written by Herbert Ward (1863-1919), a British sculptor, illustrator, writer and African explorer.

Much of sub-Saharan Africa had been the domain of Negros for tens of thousands years. Countless generations transpired in which blacks lived in virtual isolation from the rest of humanity.

While Arabs embarked in human trafficking of black Africans, whites seldom penetrated the continent beyond the coast. David Livingston's infamous trek across sub-Saharan Africa occurred 1854–56, just prior to the American Civil War.  

Herbert Ward was one of the first Westerners to visit the Congo region and begin the rapid process of enhancing the lives of a people who had lived in technological and cultural darkness for millennia. 

The accurate, first-hand history of Western incursions into Africa serves as a reminder of our proud history of innovation and selfless altruism as our technology greatly enhanced the lives of countless millions of Africans.

Click to view book in pdf format ►

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