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January 20, 2019


DAILYKENN.com -- A large group of "teens" ran riot at a train station in Gelsenkirchen, Germany last night. 

Reports say the "group of 20 to 30 youngsters rioted on Saturday evening at Gelsenkirchen central station. According to the police, the teenagers were mobbing passers-by, throwing stones at ballast workers and emptying fire extinguishers.' [source]

The media profiled the offenders by age (youngersters) but not description (immigrants). 

Germany and other European nations have suffered extreme violence after globalists used asylum as a pretext to bypass conventional immigration policies to allow millions of low intelligent slugs to invade their countries from Muslim regions. 

Of the city's 262,528 (2016) inhabitants, 17,172 are Turkish, 6,184 are Syrian, and 1,122 are Iraqi. 

Elsewhere in Germany a 22-year-old was beaten and robbed after being accosted by a group of four youngsters. The attack occurred at about 3:50 am in Chemnitz. The youth who punched the victim was described as dark complected, and had dark, short hair. [source]

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