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January 11, 2019 --A Bronx, New York teacher was fired after allegedly casting three black students as slaves.

Reports say she filed a $120-million lawsuit for 'reverse racism' damages. 

Government schools commonly omit facts about the slave trade that landed a few hundreds thousands black Africans in North America. 

• The first legal slave holder in the American colonies was a black African named Anthony Johnson.

• Being sold into slavery destined for North America was akin to winning a lottery. Most of these slaves were not captured  but were rather purchased from Africans. As slaves in Africa they were treated horrifically. 

• Thousands of free blacks in America owned slaves for labor. The largest slave holder in South Carolina in 1860 was William Ellison, a black plantation owner, who was noted for his cruelty to his slaves. 

• American slaves were seldom abused. Rather, they were provided food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare. American slavery was more akin to adoption or foster care than slavery as experienced in other parts of the world throughout history.

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A New York City school teacher who was fired for a lesson on slavery gone terribly wrong is planning to sue the city for $1billion.

Patricia Cummings, 37,  allegedly told three students at a predominantly black and Hispanic school in The Bronx to lie down to illustrate conditions on a slave ship, after which she stepped on their backs to show 'what it's like to be a slave'.

Cummings had first been reassigned and then suspended pending termination from Middle School 118 in The Bronx, which became official in October.

In a press conference with her lawyer Thomas Liotti Thursday, Cummings said: 'I have no career at this point.'

She filed a lawsuit against the city of New York in September, claiming she is the victim of 'reverse racism,' seeking $120 million in damages.

It also named the Department of Education, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and several media outlets as defendants.

But her lawyer said Thursday they now plan to build a $1billion class-action lawsuit with other teachers who claim to have faced similar discrimination.

Liotti said the lesson only became an issue because of Cumming's race, and said other black teachers will testify in her defense.

'That 20 seconds of a teachable moment changed my life,' Cummings told PIX11. 'Anyone who has met me knows I don't have that bone in my body,'

Cummings has denied that she stepped on the students' backs.


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