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January 3, 2019 -- Had the races been reversed, the race factor would have gone unnoticed. 

But this was a white-on-black shooting. Consequently, the race card is thrown first and trump's all other cards. 

So what happened? 

Apparently a white bearded man shot into a vehicle driven by a black woman. The white driver then slowed his vehicle in front of his victim and fired a second shot before speeding away. The woman was injured. A seven-year-old girl who was in the victim's vehicle was fatally injured.

The incident occurred on a service road near Houston, Texas. 

Authorities have the testimony of the injured woman and a video recording of a red truck. 

The sheriff expressed his empathy for race-baiting activists, but noted other factors — such as road rage — should be considered. 

The thought process is called "inference-observation confusion" or "jumping to conclusion bias." Such bias precludes objective evaluation and often leads to injustice. Think witch trials. 

"'Black people are being targeted in this country. Black people are being targeted in this county. Black people are being targeted in this city,' activist Deric Muhammad said. 'So we are thoroughly convinced that the killing of Jazmine Barnes was race related.'" — Star Tribune.

Here are some other possibilities:

• Maybe it was a road rage incident. The shooter was outraged after the black women disregarded his right of way, and recklessly pulled into traffic. The shooter then taught her a lesson by firing into her vehicle.

• Maybe it was a gofundme scam. The shooter was hired to fire into the vehicle and cause injury, allowing family members to reap a cash windfall through Alternatively, it may have been a life insurance scam. It is possible the child's parents hired a shooter to kill their daughter so they could collect insurance benefits.

• Maybe it was a revenge shooting. The shooter may have been slighted by the woman at some earlier point and time and sought opportunity to exact revenge. 


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