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January 25, 2019

DAILYKENN.com --Gary Wayne Medlin is dead. The 24-year-old white man was fatally shot in Gray, Kentucky. Photographs of the suspect reveal he is black. 

Were the races reversed, there would be an international media firestorm. We would be reminded that racism permeates American culture. 

Medlin worked as a heavy equipment operator to support his two young sons. Reports say he was fatally shot after the suspect fought with the store clerk. 

Jim Crow laws existed for a reason. It is insane to believe that whites disliked people because they had dark skin and kinky hair. It is reasonable to believe Jim Crow laws existed to protect people like Medlin and his family from black savages. Granted, Jim Crow laws were unfair to the majority of blacks who comport themselves. And, granted, allowing people like Medlin to be executed is equally unfair, if not more so. 

From wkyt.com ▼

 Kentucky police are looking for the gunman accused of killing a bystander during an attempted armed robbery that took place just after midnight in Knox County.

Police said on Wednesday that the gunman walked into the A&B Quick Stop on U.S. 25 E in the Gray community and first went to the back of the store. Then, he came to the front of the store where he engaged in a struggle with the clerk. The robber was rattled, according to police, and shot Gary Medlin, 25, as he left the store.

Medlin, who was shopping at the store, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and collapsed in the doorway, police said.

The gunman left the Quick Stop with only a bottle of soft drink, police said on Wednesday.

The whole incident was caught on surveillance, and police say they've received names and possible people of interest.

"Still continuing to try to locate him. Following up on tips," said Trooper Shane Jacobs, Kentucky State Police. "Receiving information who this individual might be."

Police believe that the suspect had a getaway driver, and the car was last seen heading toward Corbin.

Friends and family of Medlin, a father of two little boys and a heavy equipment operator in Lexington, said he actually used to work at a store similar to the A&B Quick Stop. It was the Grab'n'Go store just a few miles down the road.

"Gary worked here with us. A young kid," said Jane Rose, who works at Grab'n'Go. "Probably one of the first jobs was here. It’s sad. Just sad. Just a kid at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Relatives said that Gary Wayne Medlin had a heart of gold and was one of the best people they knew. 


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