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January 6, 2019 --Judge Wayne Shelton got it wrong when he said, 

"I grew up in a time where people wore white robes and they shot at black people. And now we see young black men wearing black hoodies shooting at black men — and doing much more effective job than the Klan ever thought about doing." 

There never, ever was a time in the history of his city when white men in robes routinely and randomly roamed the streets gunning for black people. That fictitious bit of history is wholly concocted in the minds of social engineers posing as historians. 

Nonetheless, Shelton used time on the bench to rant about black-on-black crime comparing it to fake white history. 

Granted, there was a time in American history when white men defended their families and their neighbors' families against the perpetual threat of Negro violence. Such ethnic-based security programs continue to thrive, particularly in New York City where Jewish, Asian, and Muslim groups have launched Klan-like security forces to patrol their streets. Patriot groups in Germany routinely patrol streets after Islamic violence.

While the judge may have been raised in a region where Klansmen assured law and order, he was never raised in a region where men in white-hooded robes roamed the streets on killing sprees. 

I was raised about four blocks from the home of the nation's most notorious Klansman, D.C. Stephenson. His mansion was a mere two blocks from the elementary school I attended. The historical record bears no entry in which Stephenson leveled a gun at a black person and, to my knowledge, none of his minions every sought to intimidate blacks through violence, let alone shoot at them. Rather, Stephenson was an influence-peddling gangster who was convicted of killing a white woman. 

It's time we revise history to a level of accuracy and admit the Klan was never a racist organization, but a civil rights group that had the audacity to defend white people. Granted, there are a few exceptions of fringe Klansters, but these are the exceptions that prove the rule. 

Kudos to the judge for acknowledging black-on-black violence. 

The DC Stephenson House is a private residence in the Irvington neighborhood in Indianapolis

From ▼

Black men are more dangerous to other black men than white Klansman ever were, Montgomery County Judge Wayne Shelton told a man accused of murder this week.

Shelton, presiding over the preliminary hearing of Vincent Bryan Merriweather on Thursday, said he's sick and disheartened by what he sees as a lack of respect for human life, especially among young black men willing to shoot at one another for little or no reason.

It isn't the first time Shelton has expressed that sentiment that from the bench.Although he's been saying "black lives matter" for years, he lamented Thursday that no one is listening.


Witnesses testified Thursday that Merriweather and two other men exchanged gunfire between their car and another before Antorius Gallion was fatally shot in the head while driving on Warfield Boulevard on Nov. 19.

Merriweather, 26, Cedrick Stacker, 23, and Marques Lamarr Kelly, 25, are all charged with homicide in the death of 22-year-old Gallion. Gallion's brother and girlfriend were also in the car when wrecked near Raleigh Court.

According to Gallion's brother and statements made to Clarksville Police Detective Chris Cunningham, the altercation began at a basketball game at Rossview Middle School when two of the men's feet brushed in the stands. That led to a stare-down and argument.



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