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January 17, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Deborah Lynch is dead.

The wheelchair-bound 62-year-old was fatally stabbed 116 times. 

Arrested for the crime is 31-year-old Kehinde Afolayan. The suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

The victim was white. The suspect is black. 

The crime occurred in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The suspect is one of a handful of blacks (about 420) who live in the small jurisdiction of 21,156 residents. The racial makeup of the city was 91.6% white and 2.0% black in 2010.

Had races been reversed this story would be receiving international media attention. Consider, for example, the Trayvon Martin case. In 2012 Martin was fatally shot by George Zimmerman in self defense. Nonetheless, the far-left "mainstream" media seized a rare opportunity to exploit the incident. 

Unprovoked white-on-black violence is practically unknown. Black-on-white violence has been epidemic for generations. The media, however, is inverts reality creating a fake paradigm in which white people are perceived as violent racists who prey on innocent blacks when, in reality, the opposite is true. 

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom
were kidnapped and tortured by blacks in 2007.
The media ignores such violent crimes against whites.
White people are often duped by the media into a false sense of security and well being around blacks. The entertainment media portrays "Commercial Negros" as white people with dark skin. They are often depicted as victims of misunderstanding and white racism. 

Even though 51.1 percent of homicides were committed by blacks (2015 FBI report), the media continues to create the illusion that blacks are the perennial victims of white racism. The far-left has even stooped to creating a Gillette razor ad to depict white men as bullies. 

Gullible whites confuse media fantasy with reality. That taps into their pathological altruism to extended unwarranted trust and empathy with blacks while ignoring violent behavior that is endemic to black populations. 

Not all blacks are criminals nor are all criminals black. However, whites who are duped into ignoring the coarse reality of violent black behavior risk becoming victims of that violence. 

What to do?

First, view media with skepticism. Consciously watch for confusion deception in which blacks are portrayed as victims and whites their oppressors. 

Second, realize that stereotyping is neither a phobia, racist, or irrational. Rather, it is a reasonable response to crime statistics and everyday experience.

Third, support and encourage sane, patriotic blacks who see through the media illusion.

From fox6now.com ▼

A South Milwaukee man has been charged in the brutal stabbing of a woman found covered in blood in a wheelchair.

Kehinde Afolayan, 31, faces one count of first degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon.

The fatal stabbing happened on Friday, Jan. 11 near 5th Avenue and Clark Avenue in South Milwaukee.

According to a criminal complaint, police responded to a lower unit at a four-unit apartment building, where they found the 62-year-old female victim lying motionless in her wheelchair -- covered in blood, who "appeared to be partially disemboweled."

Meanwhile, the complaint said Afolayan came downstairs "holding a blood-covered white undershirt." He was arrested.

Arrangements were made to transport the victim to the hospital via Flight for Life, but she passed away before that could happen. An autopsy revealed she suffered 116 stab wounds -- 48 to the chest, 50 to the abdomen and 18 to the arms, shoulder and hands.

A bloody knife was found on the floor of the kitchen, the complaint said. The 12-centimeter blade was bent. Another bloody knife with the blade missing was found, and a third was found in the driveway of the house next door.

The complaint said a witness indicated he looked into the victim's apartment and "saw a man stabbing the victim as she sat in her wheelchair." He said he knew the suspect as "someone whom, in the past month, he had seen getting the victim's mail from her mailbox."



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