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January 11, 2019

Tim Scott remembers James Byrd Jr.

The year was 1998; 21 long years ago. Byrd was the black man allegedly killed by being dragged behind a pick up truck. A white man was convicted of that crime. 

Scott evoked the memory of Byrd to rebuke Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) who wondered aloud, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” 

Scott also remembers a white man who opened fire in a Kentucky grocery killing a black man. Scott apparently forgot the shooter had been married to a black woman; a far cry for the quintessential "white supremacist."

Scott's memory seems to go blank when it comes to black-on-white violence. 

Did Scott forget about 55-year-old Marla Belin who was beaten to death by a black male? 

Did Scott forget about Lee Pomeroy, the 51-year-old dad allegedly stabbed to death on a train as his 14-year-old son watched in horror? The suspect is black male. 

Did Scott forget about Seventy-two-year-old Walter Gotreaux and his 70-year-old wife, Darlene? The couple were fatally shot in their home. A black suspect has been arrested.

Scott seems to have a selective memory which he evokes to heap guilt and shame on white people who dare to assert their rights to live at peace in the nation built by the ancestors.

From washingtonpost.com ▼

By Tim Scott
January 11 at 1:38 PM

Tim Scott, a Republican, represents South Carolina in the U.S. Senate.

Over the past two years, Republicans have focused on spreading opportunity, and it has paid dividends: From the creation of opportunity zones in some of our nation’s most distressed communities to amazing job-creation statistics and low unemployment rates, there’s no doubt that the future is brightening for many Americans.

However, we are often still struggling when it comes to civility and fairness. This was driven home once again Thursday as Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) wondered aloud: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?”

I will admit I am unsure who is offended by the term “Western civilization” on its own, but anyone who needs “white nationalist” or “white supremacist” defined, described and defended does lack some pretty common knowledge.

Three months ago, a white supremacist killed two black people in a parking lot in Kentucky. We are only 18 months from Charlottesville, where white nationalists killed a white woman with a car and severely beat multiple black people. Almost four years ago, a white supremacist murdered nine African Americans in a church in Charleston, S.C. In 1998, white supremacists dragged James Byrd Jr., behind a pickup truck through Jasper, Tex., decapitating him in the process.




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