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January 29, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- We tend to find what we are looking for. And if what we are looking for is a culture immersed in white racism, we will find it — even in a Netlix docuseries damning serial killer Ted Bundy

Bundy killed no fewer than 36 women and he got away with it — for a time — because he camouflaged himself in charm, personality, and normalcy.  

Not so fast. 

A writer for refinery29.com says society was blind to Bundy's treachery "simply because he was white and conventionally attractive to the dominant culture at the time, while Black men and women accused of crimes are sexualized and made into violent caricatures as a default."

To make her case Ashley Alese Edwards points to the Central Park Five who were accused of brutally raping a jogger in 1989. 

Four of the five admitted to being accomplices and all were convicted by ethnic diverse juries. DNA evidence failed to corroborate overwhelming forensic evidence and the convictions were vacated. The accused sued the city for millions. 

Apparently we are supposed to presume that Bundy's conviction was slow in coming due to his white privilege while the Central Park Five were railroaded — not by all white juries — but by the affects of a culture blinded by the conventional attractiveness of the dominant (white) culture that "sexualized and made into violent caricatures as a default" those who are not white.

Missing from the musings are FBI statistics that affirm that over fifty person of homicides are committed by blacks. The statistic hold firm year after year. The default perception of blacks as violent caricatures is supported by evidence.

Also missing is the fact that some non-white ethnic groups, such as East Asians, are less likely to be arrested and convicted of violent crimes than whites.  

Rather than imaging a false equivalence that pairs arrests and convictions with conventional cultural attractiveness, let's keep in mind that arrests and convictions are statically tied to three components: Gender (nearly all are males), age (nearly all are 18 to 49), and intelligence (nearly all possess IQs ranging from about the mid-80s to the low 90s.) The higher a person's intelligence, the less likely that person will commit a violent crime. The enamoration of a culture with white people is not related or even relevant.

Meanwhile, blacktivists are complaining the too many whites are being arrested for homicide in Baltimore and other major cities. That, too, is evidence of systemic racism. Black offenders are not pursued because our dominant white culture isn't concerned about the victims who are overwhelming black. 

In short: Blacks are, in fact, made into violent characters by default because they disproportionately commit violent crimes at a significantly higher rate than other ethnic groups. 

So, when you watch the Netflix dramatization of the Bundy phenomenon, don't buy into the nonsense that he was a charming psychopath. Rather, saturate your brain with the cultural Marxism myth that white racism is to blame. 

From screenrant.com ▼

Netflix is pleading with viewers to stop lusting after Ted Bundy after the streamer's docuseries Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes set off a widespread "hot Ted Bundy" meme. Released on the 30th anniversary of his death in the Florida electric chair, the docuseries details Bundy's grisly crimes while presenting footage and taped conversations with the notoriously charismatic serial killer.

In all, Bundy was "credited" with the murder of over 30 young women between the years 1974 and 1978, though his actual victim count is still not known. As The Ted Bundy Tapes makes clear, Bundy did not fit the stereotype of the mad-dog killer, given his good looks and winning personality. In fact, Bundy's "regular guy" quality and attractiveness were a big reason he was able to lure so many women into his traps before brutally raping and murdering them. Thanks to his televised Florida trials, Bundy became a media sensation, and actually garnered a following of female admirers who flocked to the courtroom to watch him in action.


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