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January 5, 2019 -- African Bashiri Sahabu, 28, has a history of sexually assaulting women and girls in Sweden. His hunting grounds seem limited to public transportation. 

Most recently the African has been accused of attacking an 11-year-old girl at a train station in Stockholm. 

Questions arise:

• How did this brute manage to migrate from Africa to Sweden? 
Who opened the border to allow him entrance? 
Why has he not been deported?
Why does the Sweden government continue to allow criminals to enter their nation from Africa?
Where are the self-proclaimed "feminists"?

 From ▼ Google translation

 African Bashiri Sahabu, 28, is repeatedly guilty of sexual attacks on girls and women in public transport. Now he is sentenced for new sex offenses and for attempted robbery against an only eleven-year-old girl - but as usual he gets a low penalty and does not have to be deported.

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Bashiri Sahabu is a citizen of Burundi and has been subjected to a very large number of sex crimes and other crimes in Sweden.

He was noticed a year ago when he was sentenced to have exposed a young girl for sex terror in the subway in central Stockholm. The girl was on her way home from school when the African hit her head and chased her through the carriage. By chance, the girl could be saved by a couple of attentive civilian police.

Half a year earlier he was sentenced to work with another African for several sexual offenses against women and girls in Stockholm and Uppsala. The youngest victim was only 11 years old and was sexually assaulted when she sat on a bench with her grandmother inside Stockholm Central Station.

Afterwards, Bashiri Sahabu, who was also previously convicted of rape attempts, always escaped with very low penalties and no expulsion, he can quickly resume sex crime after every short prison visit.

He was released no later than October 3, 2018, and began directly attacking new women and young girls on buses. One girl was 14 when he sat next to her and started chatting on her on a bus between ├ůsa and Kungsbacka in mid-October.

Another victim was an 11-year-old girl who tried to rob the 28-year-old on board the same bus.

"Give me the mobile, or I'll beat you," he told the girl, who managed to push the African away from the seat after screaming, "No you don't get my mobile!"

Bashiri Sahabu is now being sentenced, this time by Varberg's district court, for two cases of sexual abuse, a case of assault, attempted robbery, poor theft and poor drug offenses.

This time, he gets a slightly higher penalty than usual: 10 months in prison. This really means just over half a year's imprisonment because Sweden applies so-called two-thirds release.

"In view of the high punishment, the nature of the acts and Bashiri Sahabu's previous crime, it is excluded with any other sanction than imprisonment. It can be concluded that Bashiri Sahabu retreated into similar crime shortly after being last released from prison," writes Varberg's district court. .


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