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January 7, 2019 -- Two massive brawls erupted at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, California last week. 

The solution? Reinstate an age-based Jim Crow policy. 

The brawls involved black teens. The center cannot restrict patrons based on race. It can restrict patrons based on age. The effect is the same: Black teens will have limited access to the property. 

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In a prepared statement Sunday, Steinberg said in part: “It may also be necessary, at least temporarily, for Arden Fair to prohibit anyone under 18 from visiting the mall without a parent or guardian. It is sad that some mess it up for all, but Arden Fair is a vital economic asset for our city. We have a responsibility to assure people the mall is safe.”


Arden Fair has put restrictions on unaccompanied minors before. On Dec. 26, 2016, dozens of Sacramento police officers and security guards helped enforce a ban on unaccompanied minors during peak hours. The American Civil Liberties Union contended this was a violation of civil rights, but the ban continued through that holiday season.

The mall did not ban unaccompanied minors in December 2017, Arden Fair spokesman Nathan Spradlin said in an emailed statement.


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