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January 20, 2019

DAILYKENN.com --Reports say "native American" extremists harassed a group of Catholic teens in Washington, DC Saturday. The teens were attending a pro-life march when accosted. 


One of the teens is seen quietly smiling at the extremist Indian as he loudly chanted and beat on a drum. 

The far-left ("mainstream") media portrayed the encounter differently, imagining the teens surrounded the extremist. 

• Above: An Indian confronts a white teen. "Go back to Europe where you came from. This is not your land. No it's not. You been here two, three generations. Compared to us: We been here millions of f****n' years." Scientific American dates the arrival of Asians between 25,000 and 15,000 years ago. 

• The fake report that Catholic teens harassed the Indian elder is a microcosmic example of fake American history in which white settlers are erroneously accused of attacking Indians when, in reality, Indians routinely launched deadly raids on settlers' homes, often killing the adults and kidnapping their children.   
Olive Oatman

The attacks continuned for generations. 

Olive Oatman was 14 when Indians kidnapped her and her 7-year-old sister in 1851. Oatman's pioneer parents were murdered and her brother left for dead. Four other siblings died in the massacre. Oatman's sister was starved to death by her captors. Oatman was tattooed, enslaved, and later sold to the Mohave before being rescued five years after the massacre. 

Edward Jenner pioneered the Small Pox
vaccine, saving the lives of millions; perhaps billions

Fake historians spin tales of white people committing atrocities against Indians when, in reality, countless Indian raiding parties routinely massacred white people as well as other tribes. There are two persistent urban legends that contend whites infected Indians with blankets tainted with the Small Pox virus. In reality the virus is airborne. Such tales omit any mention of Edward Jenner, the white man who pioneered the Small Pox vaccine and saved the lives of countless millions of Indians and others worldwide. 

• The drum-pounding Indian provides a unintended stark cultural contrast. While Europeans developed string and wind instruments and orchestrated them into stunning musical masterpieces by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and scores of others, Indians in the Americas seemed to have failed to progress beyond a sole instrument composed of stretched skin and stick. Their music seems limited to thumping a drum while accompanied by monotone chants. 

From informationliberation.com ▼

The viral Twitter posts claiming a group of Covington Catholic teenagers aggressively "surrounded" a Native American man on Friday and "mocked," "harassed" and "threatened" him is officially the biggest hate hoax of 2019.

An out-of-context video showing one teenager standing still and smiling (with other students around him singing a school chant) while Native American activist Nathan Phillips bangs a drum and chants in his face went viral on Twitter on Saturday, quickly amassing over 5 million views.

The story was picked up by hundreds of news outlets -- without a hint of skepticism -- who portrayed the kids as evil racists.  



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