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January 21, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Fake historians become queasy when forced to break with their narrative norm. 

Nonetheless, light destroys leftism. Here is an example:

Omar ibn Sa'id was an African prisoner of war who was sold to slave traders and lived out his life the antebellum South. That doesn't jive with fake history — sometimes called 'the Roots narrative' after Alex Haley's plagiarized historical fiction — that would have us believe that black Africans sold in America were accosted by white raiding parties who bopped passive African villagers on the head and dragged them off in chains. 

The truth is: Most African slaves in North America were slaves in Africa prior to being sold. Few were kidnapped by whites. 

"The Life of Omar Ibn Sa'id" is an eponymous document written by Sa'id in 1831. It is the only surviving Arabic slave narrative written in the United States. It is one of 42 documents relating to Sa'id that have been digitized by the Library of Congress. 

The 42 documents were assembled by abolitionist Theodore Dwight in the 1860s. Some are in English and some are in Arabic. Some were written by Sa'id and others were written by others about Sa'id. 

Sa'id is noted for being literate at a time when literacy was universally rare.   

You may read about the documents at smithsonianmag.com.

You may read the documents and a biography of Sa'id at the Library of Congress website, loc.gov.


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