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January 2, 2019 --Train stations seem to be the places of choice for Angela Merkel's pets to terrorize Germans. 

One such attack was video recorded in Koln, Germany. 

According to accounts on Twitter, 

Media Blackout! "It's the Beginning of Civil War - Just like Paris"

New Year's Eve in Germany: "Refugees" yell Allahu Akhbar while destroying a train station & screaming "Nazi Slut" at German females.

German citizen realizes "I’m afraid we’re slowly becoming the minority"


Media Blackout!

New Year's Eve in Koln, Germany was a War Zone

Cultural Enrichers scream Allahu Akhbar, Destroy Train Station, Pelt Germans with Firecrackers, Call German women "Nazi sluts, Dirty Nazis" & Violently Rob & Attack Germans on Trains.

“I’m afraid we’re slowly becoming the minority,” a German bystanders said as they filmed immigrants allegedly destroying a train station.

“You know what else they were screaming? Allahu Akbah,” one of the female bystanders said.

“I only heard, ‘Nazi slut,’ the camera man responded.

“No, no. Outside they were screaming Allahu Akbah,” the woman responded. “While they were throwing firecrackers on cars, they screamed Allahu Akbah… It feels like I’m in a war scene here.”

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