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January 1, 2019 -- Born with XY chromosomes makes you a male. XX chromosomes produce females. There are few variations. 

However, when a person born with XY chromosomes decided to identify as a person born with XX chromosomes, the far left expects us to suspend reality and embrace what Robert J. Lifton could described as "sacred science."

Such was the case when a male decided to join a female football league. 

Reports say Christina Ginther sued the Minnesota Vixen and the Independent Women's Football League after he was denied a spot on the team's roster due to his birth gender. 

The jury awarded Ginther $20,000 in damages. Ginther's attorney, Nicholas May, said he believes this is the first jury verdict in favor of a transgender person in a discrimination claim in Minnesota. —

Women who have been foiled and fooled into believing the prevailing feminist movement advocates women's rights may be disappointed to learn a male prevailed over the right of women to free association. 

The fake feminist movement pretends to advocate for women. In reality, the fake feminist movement advocates for the destruction of Western culture, with emphasis on the traditional Western family. Demonizing "the 1950's housewife" in abhorrent misogyny.  * 


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