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January 25, 2019


The Libs no longer care anymore when they are proven wrong or even merely mistaken. The Libs have now become a cartoon caricature of themselves. These high school kids did nothing wrong. In fact, If I was one of their parents, I would be proud of them for standing their ground. The worse thing they could have done would be to retreat in the face of being racially attacked. 

Let's put it straight: There are three main reasons Nathan Phillips and the so-called "Black Israelites" attacked the Covington HS students.

1) The CCHS students were wearing MAGA hats. This is unforgivable to the left, as the Libs still do not accept that Trump won the 2016 election. Libs seek to re-define "MAGA" as a racist statement, but they are failing in that effort.

2) The CCHS students are from a private Catholic School. Libs believe that they, and they alone, should own the curriculum of all high schools everywhere. Catholic Schools do the one fundamental thing that Libs cannot tolerate: the tell Libs "NO."

3) The CCHS students in that group, on that day, were mostly White. To the Libs, being White is a bad thing; or at least they seek to re-define it as such. 

No one in the MSM did any research on this; they simply jumped the gun, in an effort to "be first" and, put point blankly, the MSM ludicrously leapt at the chance to portray White youth as being intolerant and racist. No one that I know of in the MSM did any research into the situation or the people involved -- until the entire unedited video evidence was presented online. 

Once again, online media scoops and corrects the obvious failings and anti-White racism of the Mainstream, Pop-culture, So-called "news" Media. It only took me 5 minutes of research to find out what really happened, so I can only deduce that the MSM didn't even try. 

The MSM is cowardly. They are afraid of any self-proclaimed, self-identifying "minority" group that howls at them. It is more important to the MSM that they not be harassed by the Left, than to bravely report the facts.

Again, this is a private parochial school. So what would Jesus do? He would have stood his ground, just as those boys did.

Even Joy Bahar knows better: Listen to her rebuttal to Whoopi Goldberg here


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