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January 15, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- When science fails to reckon with reality it isn't science at all.  When science reckons with ideology it constitutes fantasy; think of Galileo's failure to reconcile science with Catholic dogma and the consequential bullying that ensued. 

A case in point is James Watson. After reaffirming differences between races, the Nobel Prize winner was recently stripped of his honors by The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in New York. 

The persecution of honest scientists will have a chilling effect on future scientists as they cower under the cloud of professional censorship for refusing to adopt fake science. 

The strategy seems to be: Bully scientists into affirming fake science, then declare fake science to be validated by virtue of consensus among scientists. 

This trend is seen in race realism, climate change, and gender realism. For example: Psychologists were bullied into removing homosexuality from the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). They are now being bullied into including masculinity in the DSM as a mental disorder. 

From aljazeera.com ▼

Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson has been stripped of his honours by his former laboratory after doubling down on controversial remarks he made on the relationship between race and genetics in 2007.

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in New York said Watson's most recent comments in a 2018 documentary were "completely and utterly incompatible" with its mission.

Watson has courted controversy among geneticists for his belief that there was a genetic link between race and intelligence.

In 2007, he said he was "inherently gloomy" about Africa's prospects because Western policies towards the continent assumed Africans were as intelligent as Europeans.

The scientist, who helped identify the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule, stated in the documentary that he still held on to that view.

CSHL relieved Watson of his duties after the 2007 episode and stripped him of his honorary titles on Friday, calling his opinions "unsubstantiated and reckless".

The titles include Chancellor Emeritus, Oliver R Grace Professor Emeritus, and Honorary Trustee.

Watson had long been associated with the lab, becoming its director in 1968, its president in 1994 and its chancellor 10 years later. A school at the lab is named after him.

Watson won the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine in 1962 along with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins for discovering in 1953 that DNA was a double helix, shaped like a long, gently twisting ladder.
'Scientific racism'

The idea that there was a link between race and intelligence was widespread in the early half of the twentieth century, but after advances in genetics, modern-day scientific consensus rejects any link.

Those that continue to float the idea of a connection between race and intelligence are accused by the scientific community of indulging in pseudoscience and "scientific racism".



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  1. Erase the names of the Thought Criminals, rewrite every story and poem, change the past to suit the needs of powerful and organized evil in the present. We must punish the vile "hater" who offended the kosher orthodoxy. Your scientific conclusions, based on a lifetime of study and achievement, are wrong. All the races are the same (Whites are bad, jews are g*d's chosen). There are no intelligence differences. We have always been at war with Eastasia. -Modern Heretic


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