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January 5, 2019 --250 cars were torched in Gothenburg, Sweden last year (2018). That's a slight increase over the previous year. The average is about five vehicles set ablaze each week.

Gothenburg has a population of just over 500,000. Prior to allowing Islamic slugs to pose as asylum-seeking refugees, the city experienced virtually no incidents of torching vehicles.

Torching cars seems to be a favorite past time among Sweden's Islamic-migrant community. 

Sociologists may point to "frustrated youths" as the source of the epidemic, careful to ignore that the 'youth' are almost exclusively non-whites. 

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Most of the cars burned in northern areas like Angered, Bergsjön and Kortedala. There are more than twice as many fires as in the southern city, 110.

However, the police mean that this is a fairly normal situation. It wasn't "unusually many".

What stands out is the mass car fires in West Sweden this summer, when a total of around 100 cars burned in one night.

"Then we got a great medial focus on something that seemed to be a coordinated attack," says Erik Nord police to P4.

According to Nord, most fires occur because of people who want to do some kind of "statement", like that they are the "owners" of the area. He argues that the fires are due to the young people being "frustrated".


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