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January 16, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- While the far-left "mainstream" media busies itself demonizing white men, black conservatives seem to sneaking in beneath the radar. 

Caleb Hanna is a case in point. A 19-years-old, the college student is the nation's youngest black lawmaker. He was elected to West Virginia's House of Representatives as a Republican.

His platform is concise: He is pro-God, pro-guns, and pro-life. 

From foxnews.com ▼

Caleb Hanna is not your typical college student. At 19, he's already making history as the nation's youngest black legislator.

Inspired by former President Barack Obama, but on completely opposite sides of the aisle, the freshman Republican delegate in the West Virginia House of Delegates ran on a platform of supporting "God, guns, and babies."

He's a pro-life, Christian conservative who says God influences everything he does.

"I'm very religious," Hanna said. "I believe God comes first and foremost in every policy decision I should make. I'm very supportive of our Second Amendment rights and our right to bear arms, and I believe that we have to stand up for those who don't get the chance to stand up for themselves. So, I'm very pro-life."

Hanna, who campaigned from his dorm room at West Virginia State University where he still resides and studies economics, said he was inspired to run himself because he was never pleased with the leadership at the state level.

"I told myself when I was old enough to have a chance to take a run at it that I would do it, and this was my first time I had the opportunity," he said.

On Tuesday, Hanna announced on "Fox & Friends" his support to take a portion of his state's surplus and apply it to President Trump's border wall.

"I am happy to co-sponsor a piece of legislation that I don't think just West Virginia will be happy about, but the American people as a whole," Hanna said. "We owe it to the voters...I believe that the wall is a crucial part in addressing West Virginia's drug problem."

The bill would take $10 million of the state's $200 million surplus and apply it to the southern border. Hanna believes it will have the support to pass.



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