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January 31, 2019

DAILYKENN.com -- Black privilege includes the surreal notion that Negros may attack anyone, anytime without fear of repercussion. 

It appears that privilege expired for Detroit Lions linebacker Trevor Bates. Bates was accused of stiffing a cab driver for $32 then later attacking a police sergeant. 

Once in custody reports say Bates punched Sgt. James O’Brien as the officer approached him to escort him to be fingerprinted.

• While sane black Americans stuck in government housing projects are all-too familiar with black violence, white leftists who insulate themselves in suburban isolation are shocked when (sometimes literally) slapped in the face by black savagry. 

• Statistically, about half of all violent crime in America is committed by four percent of the population: Black males aged 18 to 49.

It's called stochastic terrorism or stochastic violence. White police are demonized by the media. That, in turn, places white policemen in jeopardy of being attacked. 

Stochastic hate is the outcome when cultural Marxism propagates the notion that a patriarchy is the underlying cause of social ills. It is also the outcome when fake feminism propagates the myth that white males constitute a rape culture. The outcome is misandry, a hatred of and subsequent unwarranted abuse of men.   

From nypost.com ▼

A Detroit Lions linebacker with just a single solo tackle this year recorded his first sack of the season early Saturday inside a Queens stationhouse — when he flew into a rage and delivered a concussion-causing punch to the head of an NYPD sergeant, officials said.

Things began going out of bounds for Trevor Bates, 25, at around 3 a.m., when he was arrested in front of the Hampton Inn Hotel in East Elmhurst near Laguardia Airport for refusing to pay the $32 cab fare from Manhattan, officials said.

The 6-foot-2, 247-pound player — who spent 2017 on the practice squads of the Patriots and the Giants — was planning to head to his native Maine on a connecting flight, his family told The Post.

Instead, he was taken to the 115th Precinct for processing.

But something apparently set the NFLer off when Sgt. James O’Brien approached him to escort him to be fingerprinted, Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins told The Post.

“The sergeant assured him that it was no big deal. He told him, ‘You’ll get scanned. You’ll get paper. You’ll get a court date,’” Mullins said. But Bates, who is originally from Maine, refused to be fingerprinted, police said.

“Out of the clear blue sky, he just wailed on the sergeant. The sergeant said he never saw it coming,” Mullins said.

A roundhouse punch to the left eye left the sarge momentarily blinded, Mullins said.

It took multiple cops to subdue the raging player — and even a Taser didn’t help, Mullins said.

“They Tased him and he ripped the prongs out” of his body, Mullins said.

The union ripped into Bates — and the NFL later in the day.

“Trevor Bates acted beyond that of a wild animal,” the SBA tweeted Saturday. “He’s dog crap and the NFL condones criminals.”


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