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January 12, 2019

Kroger stores seem to circle Detroit's black donut

DAILYKENN.com --Kroger has officially apologized after police were called to investigate suspected shoplifters. The suspects were four black males ranging in ages 15 to 20. 

The incident occurred in Mesquite, Texas near Dallas.
Mesquite is about 25 percent black

The Mesquite Police Department told WFAA that any business can request a criminal trespass warning against anyone for no particular reason and authorities don’t have to question why.

Profiling blacks as "troublesome" is neither new nor uncommon. 

There is a dearth of groceries in black neighborhoods for a reason: Shoplifting is epidemic. For example: Google the search term 'Kroger Detroit'. Google maps reveal Kroger stores form a circle around the city.

Under now-defunct Jim Crow laws, stores were allowed to control shrinkage by banning blacks throughout the South. 

The most pervasive 'Jim Crow' laws were in the northwest. Oregon's 'Jim Crow' law was ubiquitous. It banned blacks from the entire region. On July 5, 1843 Oregon amended its anti-slavery law to effectively ban free blacks entirely.   

Any free black who refused to leave would be subject to lashing, a provision that was known as "Peter Burnett's lash law." Burnett, who later became the first U.S. governor of California, gave this explanation for his support for the law: "The object is to keep clear of that most troublesome class of population [blacks]. We are in a new world, under the most favorable circumstances and we wish to avoid most of those evils that have so much afflicted the United States and other countries.'' [source]
Oregon's exclusion law was rendered impotent by the 14 Amendment, then repealed by voters in 1926.

From newsweek.com ▼

Kroger has issued an apology after a woman from Texas claimed her teenage sons and nephews were racially profiled while they were buying snacks.

Ukiah Swain told KXAS-TV that a Kroger grocery store employee called in Mesquite, Texas, called police on three black teens and a young black man and accused them of stealing after racially profiling them on January 3. Swain also recorded the video on Facebook live, who claimed the teens went to the store to buy juice, chips, and cookies.

The young men, ages 15, 16, 19 and 20, were approached by the manager and called the police, according to the news station. When the police arrived, they found the young men had receipts for the items and nothing stolen, but were still given trespassing warnings. Swain told KXAS-TV that she confronted the manager about the incident.

"I said, 'Come again?' And he said, 'They looked like they could be shoplifters' and he laughed," Swain told the news station.

Zavarion Swain, 16, told the news station that the manager of the Kroger store told him "We've had problems with people like you before," when he asked what he and the other young men have done wrong.

The Mesquite Police Department told WFAA that any business can request a criminal trespass warning against anyone for no particular reason and authorities don’t have to question why.



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  1. Caption says Chicago but map is Detroit.

  2. Up until recently Detroit was very much indeed a "Food Desert". Wonder why that is?


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